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Hermitage - The Treasure Gallery - Saint Petersburg

  • 1856 View

There are some collections that you can't miss during your visit to the Hermitage. The Treasure Gallery is one of them. This gallery could be by far the most amazing jewelry gallery that you can visit during your travel to St. Petersburg.

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Traditional Russian Cuisine

  • 1773 View

When you think about exciting international cuisine, Russian might not be on the top of anyone’s mind, but tourists may get surprised by the traditional Russian dishes. The quality of the food has lots of impact on your vacation; either you’ll have a pleasant memory from your food or not, that’s why it’s better to eat at places with a solid reputation and high-quality food.

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Saint Isaac’s Cathedral - St. Petersburg

  • 1639 View

There are several rich historical places in Russia and the world with a religious background. One of those places which might be the most important one of them in Russia is Saint Isaac's Cathedral, that's why most of the people who travel to Russia go and visit this cathedral in their St. Petersburg Tour program.

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Sparrow Hills - Moscow

  • 1605 View

The tourism industry in Russia is not all about its historical places and architecture; it’s also about its natural resources. The Sparrow Hills is one of the favorites spots for both tourists and Moscovites as it has one of the greatest views over the Moscow and the sceneries around it.

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