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Night Boat Tour - Saint Petersburg

Night Boat Tour – Saint Petersburg

One of the essential element in St. Petersburg would be the Neva River and its branches around the city which ends in Finland Gulf. However, counting the Neva River as a tourist attraction might be the least avail of this river, but it still draws lots of attention to itself.

Night Boat Tour – Saint Petersburg

One of the tourist's attractions of this river is the night boat tours on the river in which tourists will witness the opening and closing process of the drawbridges from the river's point of view. The bridges for their height are not suitable for the large commercial ships' movements and for this reason at the precise time of the night, these bridges will be opened for a few hours so the ships would cross the river without any problem. These events are not related to the touring plans and draw tourists' attention to the river; however, many tourists would enjoy witnessing the process and would gather around these bridges even hours after midnight. There are several ways to observe this process in which each of them has its cons and pros; but, the most perfect and excellent option possible is to observe the process from the river's point of view.

Night Boat Tour – Saint Petersburg

There are a few night boat's tours on the Neva River available to reach this option. These recreational boats navigate around the river at some particular time of the night to provide the best view option of the bridges opening process for their passengers. There are seven drawbridges on the Neva River that'll open throughout the night which some of the famous ones are the Trinity Bridge, the Annunciation Bridge, and Palace Bridge.

Night Boat Tour – Saint Petersburg

Alongside all the attractions in St. Petersburg, Observing these drawbridges opening and closing process on our boats with music and an amazing view over the city's landscape and historical structures at the side of the river would be one of the highlights of your trip to Saint Petersburg without a doubt.

Though the bridge watching is the main attraction of the river, still there are several options to take a tour on the Neva River including the daylight tour which is great to witness several attractions under the natural light from the river. For anyone who wants to experience a similar activity in Moscow, they can take the Radisson Cruise Tour or the Night Boat Tour on the Moskva River. 

The drawbridges became one of the main targets for tourists who visit St. Petersburg during summers. However, most people don't know about the boat tours and cruises, that's why we at the Star Travel Group suggest our clients that sign for these special St. Petersburg tour so they would have the most pleasant experiences in their trip to St. Petersburg. 

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