St. Petersburg Attractive Places

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St. Petersburg Attractive Places

Millions of people travel to Russia every year, and most of them have planned to visit St. Petersburg because it’s one of the top tourist-target cities of Russia. St. Petersburg is a metropolis with a lot of tourist attractions to offer to its visitors. If you have plans to visit St. Petersburg, prepare yourself to face several significant attractions of Russia in St. Petersburg, such as the Nevsky Prospect.

Nevsky Avenue


St. Petersburg Attractive Places - Nevsky Prospect

Nevsky Avenue is the most famous street in the city, and it hosts several notable attractions of St. Petersburg as well. This street is quite significant because you can find several banks, commercial buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and historical attractions inside it, including Stroganov palace, Singer House, Kazan Cathedral, and the Passage. The street has acquired its name from the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, and starts from the Admiralty building and ends at the feet of the Moskovsky railway station. Though Nevsky Avenue has housed several major attractions of St. Petersburg, Hermitage is the most major St. Petersburg attraction of all.



St. Petersburg Attractive Places - Hermitage

Hermitage is a complex of museums that locates in Palace Square and is the most attractive museum in Russia. It is the second-largest art museum of the world and has many branches across the globe. Hermitage alone can take half of your time in St. Petersburg if you want to see all the exhibitions inside it. One of the empresses of Russia, Catherine the Great had founded the Hermitage as her private gallery, but over the years, it has grown larger and larger; the most valuable exhibition inside the Hermitage is the Treasure Gallery, which locates inside the Small Hermitage building.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral


St. Petersburg Attractive Places - St. Isaac's Cathedral

It’s recommended to people who visit St. Petersburg to give more attention to details when they are visiting major attractions, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see the beauty of the attractions of St. Petersburg as a whole; St. Isaac’s Cathedral is one of those religious places that turned to museum after the October Revolution and have been operating as a museum ever since, but it has also provided one of the unique opportunities for its visitors to observe the entire city and its attractions from above. The Colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral is one of the major attractions of this place, but if you want to go even higher than this colonnade to observe the beauty of the St. Petersburg city, you can take one of our Helicopter Tours around St. Petersburg at the Star Travel Group.

Peter and Paul Fortress


St. Petersburg Attractive Places - Peter and Paul Fortress

One of the main start-points of our helicopter tours locates nearby Peter and Paul Fortress, which is one of the oldest structures in St. Petersburg. Peter the Great himself ordered to build this fortress, though at first, it had defensive goals, later became the political prison of the Russia Empire. This fortress is famous for its prison (The Trubetskoy Bastion), cathedral (St. Peter and Paul Cathedral), and its bell tower, which was the tallest structure in St. Petersburg for centuries.



St. Petersburg Attractive Places - Peterhof

While St. Petersburg has lots of tourist attractions to provide for its visitors, there are even more attractions outside the city in the suburb areas. One of the main suburb attractions of St. Petersburg is Peterhof, where many people believe it’s the most magical place in all Russia. Though Peterhof is a complex of two parks and a palace; the Lower-Garden, which is called Nizhny Park attracts most of the visitors among others. Nizhny Park has a grand cascade, several ponds, and sculptures that altogether have created a magical fountain show and a memorable day for tourists over the years.



St. Petersburg Attractive Places - Pavlovsk

Pavlovsk is also St. Petersburg suburb attraction, which locates only ten kilometers away from Pushkin. This museum and its park are great for those tourists who want to enjoy a lovely and relaxing day outside. Pavlovsk constructed by the command of Catherine II for her son, and after his death, Maria Feodorovna, who was his widow, inherited the palace. The vast English garden and the palace are under the protection of Unesco's World Heritage Site. Pavlovsk unofficially called the capital of classical music because of the number of classical concerts that take place there.



St. Petersburg Attractive Places - Pushkin

Tsarskoye Selo was the summer residence of Russian tsars, which later during the Soviet era, its name changed to Pushkin after the famous poet who born there. This beautiful complex of parks and palaces have been a favorite suburb place for tourists and Russian as well. What attracts most of the tourists to this place is the architecture of palaces and gardens, especially Catherine Palace. One of the main attractions of Pushkin is the Amber Room, which locates inside the Catherine Palace.

Yusupov Palace


St. Petersburg Attractive Places - Yusupov Palace

Moika or Yusupov Palace is one of the few urban palaces of Russia. This luxury palace belonged to the Yusupov family, who was one of the wealthiest noble families of Russia. While it was well decorated inside, it was perfectly fitted with the neighborhood and matched the urban architecture of its surroundings. Besides the architecture, paint collections, and the name of the family, Moika Palace was also the site of one of the famous murder mystery of Russia, the assassination of Grigori Rasputin. Today, the Moika palace has turned to one of the most exceptional museums of St. Petersburg under the administration of the city educator board.



St. Petersburg Attractive Places - Ballet

Besides all the historical attractions and palaces, St. Petersburg is also one of the main places for tourists who have an interest in Russian art and culture. Russians love their art and have a special admiration for those who create art, especially performance art such as ballet. Russian ballet has had a special place in Russians’ hearts and has been included in Russian culture from its creation. Russian ballet such as Swan Lake or the Nutcracker has been admired by the world, which only goes to prove how far ballet affects Russians, and how much Russians praise ballet. There are several ballet halls in St. Petersburg, including Theater of Musical Comedy, Aurora Hall, and Carnival Hall, in which tourists can go and enjoy some of the finest Russian ballet performances of all time.

Neva River Cruises


St. Petersburg Attractive Places - Night Boat Tour on Neva River

One of the favorite attractions of St. Petersburg is its drawbridges. These bridges don’t have any tourism purposes, but still, they are quite popular during the White Night festivals among tourists. These drawbridges open every night at a specified time so that commercial ships can pass underneath them and close again in less than half an hour. This process is quite enjoyable for tourists who are celebrating the white nights since people would gather around these drawbridges every night to observe their opening and closing ceremony. If you also like to see this phenomenon, we at the Star Travel Group recommend you sign for our Night Boat Tours, which often include sailing on the river, drinks, dinner, dance, and of course, observing the opening and closing ceremony of some of these bridges.


St. Petersburg Attractive Places

We at the Star Travel Group have always tried our best to provide some of the top tours to Russia, especially our diverse tours to St. Petersburg, which can match all of our clients’ expectations. St. Petersburg has offered enough reasons for tourists to take a trip to Russia, but it also creates problems since there might be too many reasons and attractions; we at the Star Travel Group have gathered all the necessary information about Russia to design the best tours to Russia. We recommend anyone who wants to travel to Russia to explore our Blog and find the attractions that fit their expectations.